What is Dr Wimp?

The Doctor Wimp package comprises a set of utilities and a function library designed to make multi-tasking RISC OS desktop (Wimp) programming very easy for anyone reasonably familiar with BBC BASIC. 

The heart of the package is a rather special library (called DrWimp for short) which Andrew Ayre developed constantly from March 1995 until early 1999. (From 1st May 1999, Ray Favre took over the support and distribution of the package.)

Download Dr Wimp

Latest version (5.04) - coming soon

Dr Wimp's Surgery - a book by Ray Favre

The book is intended mainly for those who are new, or fairly new, to WIMP programming but have a reasonable knowledge of BBC BASIC on Acorn RISC OS computers. (If your BASIC is a bit rusty, why not also have a look at the other book on this site?)

As its name implies, the book concentrates on the use of the Dr Wimp PD package (by Andrew Ayre), but it also seeks to give a good introduction to Wimp programming in general.

It starts with a practical demonstration of the advantages of Dr Wimp - by producing, describing and comparing three different ways to program the same very small application. The first way uses fundamental Wimp programming; the second way is like the first but uses window templates; and the third way uses Dr Wimp.

Comprehensive coverage of using Dr Wimp is then commenced, initially by using a tutorial approach to build up a typical application step-by-step over several chapters. Later chapters then introduce the rest of Dr Wimp's main features.

Ten appendices provide mainly reference material, most of which is applicable to all types of Wimp programming i.e. whether using Dr Wimp or not. In particular, two major appendices cover icon validation strings and the detailed use of the !TemplEd window template editor (PD by Dick Alstein and included in the Dr Wimp package).

As of 2022, this book has been reborn thanks to the former editor of Archive Magazine, the late Jim Nagel, and John McCartney. There is an article describing its gestation in the current issue of the magazine, Archive 26:1.

The book is a free download as a PDF file. It is as faithful a recreation of the second edition (from March 2003) as possible apart from the addition of a new foreword and an explanation of some necessary minor changes.

Download PDF (1MB)

Interested in a new spiral-bound paper copy of Dr Wimp's Surgery?

Please register your interest if you would like a fresh spiral-bound paper copy of Dr Wimp's Surgery. Archive hopes to publish a new limited print run, depending on interest received. Proceeds will be to charity, as per Ray's wishes. Register your interest by emailing gavin@archivemag.co.uk

Site updates

1st Nov 2022 — The beginnings of the new Dr Wimp website! Lots of resources to be collected and added. Although I have played with it over the years, I'm not a heavy Dr Wimp programmer, so would be grateful for pointers on what should be here. I'd like it to be a comprehensive, and up-to-date resource for Dr Wimp users. This initial webpage is to get John McCartney's (large amount of) work on line, a recreated PDF of Dr Wimp's Surgery, but there is lots more to come.

About Ray Favre

Ray Favre, who died in May 2010, left a note with his will asking that Archive Magazine look after his books, software and website to keep them going. He was one of the magazine’s most prolific writers over the years, as you will read in the article about his life published in Archive 22:9. This website at drwimp.archivemag.co.uk is the new permanent home for Dr Wimp.

Ray at the Wakefield RISC OS show in 2008